I. Who is Dimensiva: DIMENSIVA is a website where you can download 3d models on a subscription basis.

II. Definitions

Dimensiva: website;

Dimensiva Content – all the content you can find on the website;

Item – represent every 3d model from DIMENSIVA website;

Account – is a registration of a user on DIMENSIVA site with a name and a password;

Subscriber – a person with 18 years old or over that agreed to receive online content from DIMENSIVA website;

Member – a user with an account which accepted the terms and conditions from DIMENSIVA website;

Privacy Policy – specification regarding the handle of the personal information applied on DIMENSIVA website;

License – the terms and conditions for using the Items from DIMENSIVA website;

Browsing – activity that can be made by any person under the 13 years old or over on the DIMENSIVA website.


III. Copyright

The 3d content from DIMENSIVA belongs to DIMENSIVA, so this can’t be transferred or assigned to the end user. DIMENSIVA does not own the other party intellectual property, like the design of the Items, the original manufactured products under a brand name, this are under the owner property.

It’s solely your responsibility how you determine to use the Items from DIMENSIVA, if you have any other party consent, clearance or release to use any other party intellectual property in your projects.


IV. Condition of use

Any items downloaded from DIMENSIVA are from DIMENSIVA content and are from his property and can be used in your private or commercial projects as you needed.

Our limitations for usage of our models are:

  • Content can not be sold, distributed, redistributed in original format or other format, assigned, transferred, or exported separately if the items permit so;
  • Content can be modified as you need, however any such modifications are still derivatives of the original format, and can not be sold or distributed as your own;
  • Content can be used in following situations: it was bought from DIMENSIVA site; it is free and was downloaded from DIMENSIVA, it was granted to you by DIMENSIVA for promotional or other purposes.


V. Delivery policy

All products are delivery via electronic downloads. By clicking to download button you’ll be able to download your product wanted. If a model is under the subscription standards (PRO or PRO+) you’ll need to have an account with the type of subscription chosen, otherwise you’ll be able to download only the free models.