XZ3 Table Round by Magis May 13, 2016

Description & details

Free 3d model: XZ3 Table Round by Magis. Developed in 1990, and redesigned in 2003, XZ3 is a table featuring a chromed or painted steel structure with an architectural style reminiscent of a slender pylon, a graphic convergence of lines, on which sits a round painted MDF top. This 3d model it’s suitable for a wide range of uses, from the dining room to the meeting room, XZ3 looks great with a number of different chairs from the Magis collection. Dimensions of the table:  Ø 120 cm x H 74 cm (Ø 47.2 inches x H 74 inches). The vray file it’s available in white top and copper finish. Enjoy it!

File size: 8Mb

Free 3d model: XZ3 Table Round by Magis