Bluetooth Gramophone by Gramovox March 26, 2015

Description & details

Today’s free 3d model is the Bluetooth Gramophone from Gramovox. This beautiful piece of design is inspired by the 1920s horn speakers. Its form and function are merged into a vintage and modern aesthetics, bringing some extra touch to the space. The minimalist design, elegantly place the controls behind the piece with a stereo input, on/off button and micro USB input. The size is suitable even for a table, shelf, or a sideboard; dimensions for wood base: 20cm (8,5”) x 10cm (4”) x 7cm (2,75”) H, the total h 50 cm (19,9”) and horn speaker diameter 27cm (10,75”). The vray file has the wood and logo texture in place, ready to go into your interiors. Enjoy!

File size: 4Mb

Bluetooth Gramophone by Gramovox